Remember Robert Nesta Bob Marley (1945-1981)

bobmarley-ripRIP“Football is a whole skill to itself. A whole world. A whole universe to itself. Me love it because you have to be skillful to play it! Freedom! Football is freedom.” (Bob Marley – 1979)

This day, back in 1981 Bob Marley died. Remember him…


Eresaluut aan allen: Redemption Song

Freedom – Omdat we nou eenmaal emotioneler zijn dan gewone mensen. Een eresaluut, met opgestoken middelvinger, naar alle medesupporters! Draai hem hard:

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;

None but ourselves can free our mind.

Wo! Have no fear for atomic energy,

‘Cause none of them-a can-a stop-a the time.

How long shall they kill our prophets,

While we stand aside and look?

Yes, some say it’s just a part of it:

We’ve got to fullfil the book.

Won’t you have to sing

This songs of freedom? –

‘Cause all I ever had:

Redemption songs –

All I ever had:

Redemption songs:

These songs of freedom,

Songs of freedom.


Bob Marley – De voetbalfoto’s

bobmarley legalize

bobmarley soccerbobmarley football2

bobmarley football jimmy


Marley – Omdat jullie met zulke dikke foto-tips in onze email droppe, doen we toch nog maar ff een kleine Bob Marley-update. Bob aan het hooghouden, Bob in de supermarkt, Bob met Jimmy Hendrix(?) en een Ajax-supporter (?) met Three Little Birds-tattoo. (dank aan Jeroen, Bryan en Dani)


RIP Bob Marley – Burnin’ and Looting

Marley – Vandaag is de sterfdag van Bob Marley. Bob en voetbal zijn een. Dat is zo. Zoek maar ff op onze site of de andere internets. Wij kiezen voor de eerste 4 minuten van de Franse film La Haine. Omdat het de enige film is die we meer dan 10x gezien hebben. In 4 verschillende bioscopen. Heeft weinig met voetbal te maken. Wel alles FootballCulture en Bob. En dus toch weer voetbal…


Bob & Ziggy

bobandziggyMarley – “You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Snap?

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The Originals (4): Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

Originals – Vandaag is het exact 30 jaar geleden dat Bob Marley overleed. Daarom in onze Originals-serie het door Ajax-supporters veel gezongen “Three Little Birds”. Met extra hieronder een mooi verhaal over de liefde van Marley voor voetbal. Hebben we ff van internet geleend:

Bob Marley simply loved kicking a ball. About every single day when on tour or in the recording studio. He also loved watching soccer on tv. His favourite team was Santos Futebol Clube ( Brazil ). His favourite player was Edson Arantes do Nascimento, world famous as Pele, who began playing for Santos at age 15.

On a trip to Brazil ( Rio de Janeiro, 1970 ) Bob Marley joined in on a heated street soccer game with some fellow musicians, people from record label Ariola, Brazilian street kids and Paulo Cesar, member of the 1970 Brazilian World Cup team. Before the game the Brazilians had given him a number 10 Santos shirt ( Peles number). Bob Marley had smiled, and, while putting it on, was heard saying that, just like Pele, he too could play in all positions.

Many of his friends claimed that if Marley hadnt been so dedicated to his music, he could have made it big as a professional soccer player. As a midfielder, Marley was quick and innovative.

Bob Marley loved to play football and there are plenty of parks in London where he enjoyed a game. For example, in 1977, at the height of the reggae superstars fame, he played an 11-a-side match at Battersea Park against a team that included Danny Baker. Marley took his football so seriously that his tour entourage included Jamaicas star footballer at the time, Skill Cole. Skill was effectively Bobs sporting advisor, says Rob Partridge, Marleys former press officer at Island Records.


Fan of Alcohol. En Bob dan?

bob marley football

Marley – Gaan moeders ons mailen over dat nieuwe shirt. Gaan ze zeggen dat alcohol en voetbal niet bij elkaar horen. Gaan wij zeggen: En Bob dan?


Don’t Worry


York City – De track Three Little Birds van Bob Marley is inmiddels een soort lijflied geworden onder Ajax-supporters. Maar ook bij York City FC zijn er supporters die zich liever niet te druk maken. Gelijk hebben ze. (dank aan MUFCpics)

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