ZoranLucic typographic artist | designer

ZORAN LUCIC – The summer of 2011 is one to remember. Freelance designer Zoran Lucić decided to put his project Sucker for Soccer on the creative platform of Behance Network. From then on things go crazy. From all over the world typo-lovers mixed with footballsupporters were praising the beautiful artwork and stunning typography. The muted colours and nostalgic/handwritten typefaces shows a love for the beautiful game driven by passion like we never seen before. After releasing his work to the world we contacted Zoran. The genius turn out to be a sympathic and down-to-earth guy. Zoran is born in Šabac and raised in Bosnia & Herzegovina. He studied graphics and design at Bijeljina where he is still living. The FootballCulture-crew is very proud to announce that we hooked up with Zoran and will doing some collabs.

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